Welcome to the website of the international conference on "Chaos in Astronomy" in Athens at the Research Center for Astronomy, Academy of Athens, on 17-20 September 2007.

Contact: patsis@academyofathens.gr
Tel. +30-210-6597169

Conference Venue:
4 Soranou, Efesiou str., Athens

You can now download the available conference presentations by clicking on the
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Chaos in large N-Body systems and in galactic dynamics
Chaos in Solar System dynamics
Statistical Mechanics of systems with regular and chaotic orbits
Chaos in the formation of large-scale structure in the Universe
Fundamental concepts, methods and tools
Other applications


Scientific Organising Committee:

G. Contopoulos (Greece), Chairman
H. Dejonghe (Belgium)
R. Dvorak (Austria)
C. Efthymiopoulos (Greece)
S. Ferraz-Mello (Brazil)
A. Fridman (Russia)
O. Gerhard (Germany)
J.  Hadjidemetriou (Greece)
B. Jones (Netherlands) 
H. F. Levison (USA)
J.  Carlos Muzzio (Argentina)
P. Patsis (Greece)
D. Pfenniger (Switzerland)
T. de Zeeuw (Netherlands)

Local Organising Committee

P. Patsis (Chairman)
S. Basilakos
E. Dara
C. Efthymiopoulos
M. Harsoula
G. Livadiotis
V. Tritakis
P. Tsoutsis
M. Zoulias


Invited Speakers include

D. Bisikalo (Russia)
A. Burkert (Germany)
D-A. Gadotti (Germany)
L. Galgani (Italy)
S. Gottesman (USA)
P. Grosbol (Gemany)
D. Kazanas (USA)
E. Polyachenko (Russia)
A. Quillen (USA)
P. Vandervoort (USA)
Ch. Varvoglis (Greece)


You can download the conference poster as PDF file here:

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