Abstract from the paper "Spiral arms in near-infrared bands. Broad- and narrow-band NIR photometry" by Patsis, P. A.; Héraudeau, Ph.; Grosbøl, P.

We investigate the contribution of Brgamma and H_2 emission due to young objects in the arms of spiral galaxies observed in the K' filter. Out of a sample of disk galaxies for which we obtained deep surface photometry in broad- and narrow-band near-infrared filters, we selected two grand design spirals (NGC 5861, NGC 7412), which clearly have sharp knots along their arms both in optical and NIR images. For these galaxies we estimate the amount of light coming from Brgamma and H2 emission and we conclude that it represents only a few percent of the observed K' light. For comparison we used the spiral galaxy NGC 4603, which has high recessional velocity. In this case the emission lines we study are practically shifted out of the narrow-band filter. Comparing its flux with what we found in the two former cases, we conclude that a major contribution from young objects in K'comes from continuum radiation which in the arm regions can amount to 20%. Based on observations collected at the European Southern Observatory, La Silla, Chile.

A sample of Galaxies observed in the NIR at the 2.2m telescope on Calar-Alto Spain, June 1996 with Black MAGIC


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