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15-20 September 2024

@ Academy of Athens



Tuesday 16 July 2024, 12:00


Buckling instability in galactic bars

Ewa L. Lokas

Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw


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The researchers of RCAAM delivered in 2023 numerous popular science lectures to educational institutions and public events upon invitations. They also wrote popular science articles, contributing to the dissemination of the center's research results.

Notable activities by individual researchers include:

I. Contopoulos:

Lecture on "Journey to Space" at the Holy Monastery of Agioi Pantes, Spetses, on August 13.

Discussion on "Artificial General Intelligence" at the Holy Monastery of Agios Stefanos, Meteora, on December 9.

S. Vasilakos:

In 2023, S. Vasilakos gave over 20 interviews to print and electronic media (ERT, MEGA, OPEN, ALPHA, SKAI, Kathimerini, VIMA, etc.).

M. Georgoulis:

Invited intervention on the online show "Discoveries – Physics," hosted by Spyros Kanouras, titled "Life on the Moon," on April 24, 2023.

Invited advisory participation in a meeting between the 1st Gymnasium of Polichni, Thessaloniki, and a Gymnasium in Croatia related to the ESA's "Moon Camp Challenge." Reference in Vima Science on May 28, 2023.

Participation, by invitation, in the seminar titled "Culture and Space," organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Greece, on May 26, 2023.

Participation in the discussion as the National Representative at COSPAR. Opinion article on the online platform "Open Window" titled "How We Missed a Historic Opportunity to Have a Greek Astronaut on the International Space Station," on June 1.

Invited participation in the discussion series "Top Scientists: three top scientists who contributed to space science globally," at the Hellenic-American Union Theater, April 4. Speakers included Stamatios Krimizis (Academic), Chrysa Kouveliotou (Professor at George Washington University, USA), and M. Georgoulis. The title of the lecture was "Sun and Space Weather."

Invited lecture titled "Observing the Sun: from Physical Theory to Conceptualization and Implementation of Space Missions," as part of the 11th Chios Astronomy Festival with the theme "From Zero to Tomorrow," Kampos, Chios, August 20. Article in the newspaper "Enimerosis Peloponnisou" titled "Global Distinctions for Greek Heliophysicist Manolis Georgoulis," September 14.

Interview on the online platform titled "Why is the Northern Lights Red in Greece - When will we see it again, what dangers lurk," November 10.

Opinion article on the online platform titled "The National Observatory must be preserved untouched," December 8.

M. Harsoula:

Talk to the 3rd grade of the 2nd primary school in Papagou on the topic "Exploring Our Nearby Universe" (November).

V. Tritakis:

Two lectures at the Society of Friends of the People: "Solar Effects on Earth's Climate" and "Various Perspectives on Climate Change."


In 2019 RCAAM organized a series of 9 talks for the general public in the Eastern hall of the Academy of Athens, on the occasion of the completion of 100 years since establishment of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

1. K. Tsiganos (UOA): “100 years of astronomical discoveris” (11/1).

2. P. Patsis: “The spirals of the galaxies” (27/2).

3. I. Contopoulos: “ The research of pulsars in contemporary Astrophysics” (27/3).

4. C. Gontikakis: “Solar eruptions” (17/4).

5. M. Harsoula: “Tides in the Universe” (29/5).

6. V. Tritakis: “The social and financial consequences of the space research: (26/6).

7. S. Krimizis (Academician): “The Space Age of Humanity: 50 Years after the landing on the Moon and 62 years of the robotic exploration of the Solar System (17/7).

8. C. Efthymiopoulos: “Modern achievments of the Celestial Mechanics: Solar system, black holes and galaxies (30/10).

9. S. Vasilakos: “Modern Cosmology: From the big bang to the dark energy” (27/11).


The International Year of Astronomy 2009 was a global effort initiated by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO to help the citizens of the world to rediscover their place in the Universe, and thereby engage a personal sense of wonder and discovery.

The Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics of the Academy of Athens participated in this effort by organizing a series of public lectures:

3 December 2008
Stamatios Krimigis
Exploring the Planets: Spacecrafts in the Space Ocean - from Mariners and Voyagers to Cassini and MESSENGER

17 December 2008
Christos Efthymiopoulos
The CERN Experiment and its Contribution to Astronomy

21 January 2008
Ioannis Contopoulos
The Music of the Stars

4 February 2008
Constantinos Gontikakis
Sun: The Day Star

18 February 2008
Vassilios Tritakis
The Sun of our Life

4 March 2008
Panos A. Patsis
The World of Galaxies

18 March 2009
John Hadjidemetriou
The Discovery of New Planetary Systems: Are We Alone in the Universe?

8 April 2009
Elias Vagenas
Black Holes: from the Universe to the Laboratory

29 Απριλίου 2009
Constantinos Kalapotharakos
Chaos Theory in Astronomy

13 May 2009
Mirella Harsoula
Dance of the Galaxies

27 May 2009
Spyros Basilakos
Modern Cosmology: Creation, Structure and Evolution of the Universe

10 June 2009
Emmanuel Sarris
Space Environment of the Earth

24 June 2009
Nick Sergis
Saturn-Enceladus-Titan: The World Revealed by the Cassini-Huygens Mission



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