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Tuesday 25 February 2020, 12:00

Labyrinth Chaos: Conservative, non-Hamiltonian Chaos without Attractors

Vasileios Basios
Université Libre de Bruxelles,Interdisciplinary Centre for Nonlinear Phenomena & Complex Systems (Cenoli-ULB) & Département de Physique des Systèmes Complexes et Mécanique Statistique


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PhD Theses

In progress

Elpida Koutsantoniou
Cosmic battery in accretion discs around astrophysical black holes
(supervisor: I. Contopoulos)

Edoardo Legnaro
Resonant long term dynamics and the chaotic diffusion of space debris
(supervisor: C. Efthymiopoulos, M. Harsoula)

Konstantina Zouloumi
Spiral structure and chaos in N-body models of galactic discs
(supervisor: C. Efthymiopoulos, M. Harsoula)

Completed in 2019

Leonardo Chaves Velasquez
Numerical and Analytical Studies of Orbits in Models of Spiral Galaxies
(supervisor: P.A. Patsis)

Completed in 2016

Antonios Nathanail
The origini of magnetic fields in Astrophysics
(supervisor: I. Contopoulos)

Athina Pouri
The study of the nature of dark energy using extra-
galactic high energy sources
(supervisor: S. Basilakos)

Petros Syntelis
Magnetic flux emergence in the Sun, Solar jets and Coronal Mass Ejections
(supervisor: C. Gontikakis)

Evaggelia Tsigaridi
Nonlinear Phenomena in Response Models of Galactic Disks
(supervisor: P. Patsis)

Completed in 2014

Nikos Delis
Stochasticity in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
(supervisor: Ch. Efthymiopoulos)

Completed in 2012

Matthew Katsanikas
The structure of Phase Space in Hamiltonian systems of 3 degrees of freedom
(supervisor: P.A. Patsis)

Completed in 2010

George Lukes-Gerakopoulos
Chaos in Classical Mechanics and in the General Theory of Relativity
(supervisor: G. Contopoulos)

Panos Tsoutsis
Orbits and Waves Investigations of Gravitational Systems
(supervisor: Ch. Efthymiopoulos)

Ioannis Stavropoulos
Chaos in N-body Galactic Models
(supervisor: G. Contopoulos)


MSc Theses

Completed in 2016

Katerina Dima
The spiral structure of galactic discs and the determination of corotation with kinematic methods
(Supervisor P. Patsis)

E.M Chrisafeli
Fourier analysis of spiral galaxy models
(Supervisor P. Patsis)

Completed in 2010

Sotiris Chatzopoulos
Automatic Classification of Orbits in NGC 4314
(supervisor: P.A. Patsis)

Athena Pouri
Measurement of the Expansion Rate of the Universe by means of Extragalactic High Energy Sources
(supervisor: S. Basilakos)

Adamantia Zampeli
Hawking Radiation via Anomaly Cancellation Method.
(supervisor: E. Vagenas)


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