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Tuesday 18 Jun 2019 @ 12:00

Recent advances in the study of the global Heliosphere using Energetic Neutral Atoms from Cassini combined with Voyager 1&2 energetic ions

Konstantinos Dialynas
Academy of Athens, Office of Space Research & Technology


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Nonlinear & Chaotic Dynamics

Chaotic Dynamics The research that is carried out in Nonlinear and Chaotic Dynamics has as goal the investigation in depth of chaotic phenomena and the application of Chaos theory in solving astronomical problems as well as problems in dynamics that are encountered in other science disciplines. The term "Chaos" means that the laws of Physics allow limited predictability, despite the fact that these laws are expressed by rigorous mathematical equations. Although the Theory of Chaos was first applied in astronomical dynamical systems, today it finds applications to various phenomena of interest for the everyday life (for example: earth and space weather forecasting, earthquakes, development of complex digital networks etc.).

A list of research programs in this field (descriptions are available in Greek only):




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